Tuesday, August 10, 2010

None but Jesus.

I think the worst feeling you can ever attain is apathy or indifference
apathy- lack of interest or concern.
indifference- absence of compulsion to or toward one thing.

Growing numb toward scripture is a place you never want to get in your walk with Christ.
I find myself with confused feelings, miss-read thoughts, abused relationship, and lack of emotions.

I was once told by a very respected friend of mine that you can't rely on your emotions to tell you were you stand in your walk with God.
But I ponder that...
God gave emotions.
Sad, mad, happy, anger etc.
I think experiencing these are very much okay.
But when it gets to a point where its all wishy washy , then you got problems.

I rely on feelings.
I can read the word, but if I'm not moved, then what good did it do?
I know you feel the same way.
If we don't have an emotional experience with God, then did we even experience God at all?
Stop and ask yourself that.

The answer is yes, you did experience God.
The spirit is obedience.

John 14:15
[ Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit ] "If you love me, you will obey what I command.

Maybe its just obeying what you know to do.
You know to grow in love, to build up faith, to be strengthend, you read the word, pray, and fast.
Many simple facts of the Lord that tend to be looked over.

John 10
Jesus calms to be The Good Shepherd.
Jesus is good.
He said He was, and so, He is.
There is no need for me to question this.

He said in verse 18
No one takes My life, but I chose to lay it down.

but I find this not moving me.

Part of growing, is going through times of absence.
Jesus never leaving us, but us being absent to Him.
I encourage you, to spill your heart, as I do to you and to Christ today.

Father God,
I pray you release me and those who are not moved by the goodness of You right now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ that our hard hearts will be broken and You work on us. Allow me and others to love you like you deserve. We pray and we believe(mark 11:24) God so right now sweep me and others with your love.

by the power of the Holy Spirit I pray, and in Jesus beautiful name . Amen. It is done.