Monday, February 21, 2011

You make it right.

Today, I have thought only about marriage.

I am the bride of Christ.
He gave everything to be with me.
And one day He is coming back for me because He has prepared a place for me.
I will one day enter the chambers of my lover.

Along with these thoughts I have thought about my future wife.
So if your not looking for the typical Cameron post about a wife.. then stop reading now.

I have been thinking so much about how to love a wife and how I imagine her to be.
And honestly I can't possibly get close to how amazing she is.

I want every conversation to bring up what God is doing in our lives.
I want to be encouraged and feel cared for.
I want her to be so thoughtful and kind hearted that it shakes me and makes me love people 100000000 times better!
I want to grow old singing folk songs on the back porch about our kids and our kids kids and how the love of God is so sweet. sweet like honey.
I want our house one day to be the kind of house that never sleeps.
I want company...
lots of company..
and on the day we don't ...
I want my wife and I to sit on the porch and allow me to hold her under my arm and drink coffee and reflect on the gospel of Christ and see how close we are to living it out.
I want each moment to be a sweet moment.
Even when we fight.
I want to make up.
I understand that marriage is going to be hard work, and tough sometimes....
but I want to fight it with someone who cares... and someone who cares to get it right..

I want to play in the rain and get muddy
only to track inside of our house and get muddy feet on the floor..
that way we can strip down.. and laugh... only at the fact the only thing thats white is our eyes and teeth...
I'd like to then clean up and go read.
I liked to work in the yard and have a garden.
I would like for us to enjoy working in the yard together.
I would like for her job to make us money, and with that money we spend it on the people we care for the most.
I would like to do projects with her.
Travel and kiss on every trail that I enjoy hiking.
I want her to hang with her girlfriends
and allow me and my friends to play poker and fart and eat meat
and she does her own thing.

I need space ya know ?
I'm someone who needs my time to sit and think... write .. and get my mind right.


I just got a phone call so It kind of ruined my train of thought.

have a great day!

P.s You make it right.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Raining is tapping on my wheels.

Something old has re-entered my life.

It doesn't feel old.
It feels fresh and new.
Like it belongs.

I'm making transitions in my life.
So I won't be damned.

I know I need Jesus.
Its the only thing I can count on.