Saturday, July 16, 2011

I love you... but I won't do life with you.

I was recently asked the question" when did the disciples get saved?"

Think about it.
When were they not being discipled?

Lets look at how Christ took these disciples real quick

Christ didn't go to church looking for his disciples, he didn't go to the mall, or fancy businesses but went to the lakeside.
Where rejects sat and fished all day because they weren't worthy to walk in the dust of the rabbi.
So, Christ says " come follow me and I will teach you to fish for people."
Wow, from fish to people, I don't know about you but I wouldn't want someone throwing a net over my body... that was a joke... so laugh at that :)

But Christ in His love for these guys went and said " you are unworthy but I will give my life to make you righteous and will allow you to not only walk in the dust but do life with me, walk with me, love with me, travel and experience life together.

Lets stop here, not get to deep.
I want to give you time to think about things.
Love is when you do life with someone.
It isn't hey, I love you, Jesus loves you, bye.
Its hey, come follow me, lets walk together, lets experience together.

Maybe thats love.

I'm not revising this