Sunday, September 5, 2010

Its a fight between my heart and mind... no one really wins this time.

"How easily the heart of man is tamed."- J. Tillman.

The heart and mind is a confusing combination.
I look at the relationships I have formed with people and realize that each relationship has its uniqueness attraction.
I don't mean attraction as "your hott" I mean the reason why you like this person.
Each relationship has its own identity is what Im trying to say.
When a young man is looking for love it just so happens that sometimes his heart and mind are on different pages.
Usual this is because lack of time spent with Jesus in deep communication figuring out just what is going on...

This is my case.
I love people so sooo much.
It often leads to heart ache for myself and for others.
I have met wonderful young ladies that some will forever hold a place in my heart, just not hold my heart and looking backing, my choice of words and actions could have been better, but the state of change feels wonderful.
I will not fall back in my old mold, in Christ we are a new creation.

With this case of non equilibrium, often times my mouth speaks before my heart and mind are on the same page.
Love is often a wore out, talked about subject... but if you stop to think about it.. its what we are all after.
You can make up your mind and in your heart to not look but you will find your eye looking at the opposite sex's and wondering.
Its the attraction!!!
For me its not the looks anymore, of course it is to a point, but its attitude and spirit and the " I dont know"
meaning-sometimes you dig someone and you dont even know why.

I think its dangerous when you cant distinguish your feelings correctly.
Not only does it leave heart ache for you but for others also.
I promise ya, I'm the master at this, but we all, yes including you, have a sin that is our downfall.
For you it could be porn, action figures, idols of loving something, etc. for me its the idea of love and falling in it and not being careful of what my heart is really saying.
Dating isnt mentioned in the bible, people would just straight up get married.
I dot want to be that typical Christian guy who thinks and talks about it all the time, I find Jesus to be a wayyy better topic but, its such a beautiful topic.
Does anyone really want to be alone?

Not I.
Join me on my journey of change and growing to become the Christian man I'm called to be.
Its possible with Christ.
So ... conclusion:
You are more then the choices that you make, you are more then the sum of your past mistakes, you are more then the problems you create, you've been remade.

short post, yes.
writing again finally.

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  1. Cameron Moore.... yes, i am following you now, which is a weird statement, i know, but true.
    Anyways... i love that last thing you said, that's such a good quote, did you make it up? cause i like it... and i wanna use it. k, love you... keep writing, cause your good at it! :D