Monday, November 22, 2010

And in today already walks tomorrow.

Its been to long.

How do we as people become so selfish?
When do we start over looking others to pride ourselves?
Its unique , The God and Jesus I fell in love with many years ago isn't the same one to me anymore....
Its not that He has changed.... its I..... that has changed...
I never thought it would come to this but I have become bitter towards people...
I have lost the reason to follow the Lord I fell in love with...
Its a wonder to me..
who was it that I feel in love with..
I remember being so connected with God.
How differently my conversations were with people..
How different my coffee tasted... how much better my days were..
This separation that I have come to know is not what I want for my life.
John 10:10 once told me Jesus came to give me abundant life and that in Him I can have complete joy.

I once heard a story .
There was this old man and his old wife and they would take road trips.
They drove a single cab truck.
And she being the head over heels in love woman would ride right by the mans side...
and one day slowly moved and moved until she was fasted with her own seat belt.
She looked over at her husband and asked " why dont we sit close to one another anymore?" and he replied " Who moved?"

It is I that has moved.
There comes times in a relationship were things are passionate..
I have yet to give Jesus a passionate moment with my heart. I have starved Him of the love He wants from me even though He promises good for me, I forget my roll in our relationship.
He is provider and my hands... can not.

Im relearning of who I once fell in love with.
I have told one of my students Jesus was all about meeting the broken where their at.
Im going to take my own advice.
Jesus once met a broken woman at a well and offered her life.
Well, Im thirsty
and hungry
and I dont ever wan to thirst again.

I'll finish this later.

until then.
Believing He is who He says He is ,

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