Saturday, April 3, 2010

No Settling

I've been thinking about love and what I would like in the opposite sex.
I realized I can be as picky as I want and my love life can look like any movie I chose!

I want someone who will dance with me at any point I feel.
There are some moments that you can express with anything else except my hands on the lower part of her back and her arms around my neck.
And it's in this moment I feel comfortable enough to whisper any secret I want to in her ear.

I want someones hand who is just perfect in mine
Like I mean in the cheesy way I can.
Like, her fingers interlock right into mine and she smiles because she feels what I feel.

I want everywhere we go for someone to complement our relationship.
Cause they can't help but realize how beautiful we fit together.

Someone who brings comfort to the relationship and brings a simple God faith to my very complex one.

I dont think I'm going to finish this..
For I know it in my heart
and if I share it, it might not come true.
I think I've met this person already...
who knows..

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