Saturday, May 22, 2010

It comes in waves

It comes in waves...

I love playing music.
I've been playing guitar and singing since I was 12.
I love sitting down and playing some chords, humming a tune, playing for you
but sometimes it stresses me out so much.
I get so angry cause I wish I was a better singer.
I get and book these shows and go through a depression a few days before of knowing that I cant sing and people are going to talk about me.
I start worrying and then I cant write new songs

I realized how much that isn't why I started playing.
I play because I love it
I write because I love to
I sing because I love to.
and I think when you start stressing about the things you love the most you miss the meaning to do it.

I see this pattern in my walk with Christ ....
sometimes theres this stress, anger, and attitude like " What am I doing this for?"
and then it hits me...
because I love it.

When you start stressing and worrying and stop enjoying the things you love the most then your missing the point of your passion.

I would like to take this moment to ask you and for you to do this:
find the reason and passion for something you started and enjoy it again.
Find your enjoyment in your passions.

now go and enjoy
I have a show June 4th that I attend to have a blast at.

I did not proof read this and do not feel like making this a deep post.
Enjoy it for what it is

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