Monday, July 12, 2010

Homeward bound.

2nd Corinthians 5 kind of scares me...

Paul is writing to the church of Corinth and is defending his ministry
in verse 4 he says " we who are in this tent groan"
Paul is talking about his body being a tent and his home is in heaven.

Paul is basically saying... " I cant wait to be there."
Now I know this is something I never wrote about but these are my thoughts, wonders, and ponders..

I'm not really excited about dying or going to heaven...
I don't wake up every day saying " Hey, I'm ready to die and be with Jesus."
Have you ever met those people?
or maybe heard those preachers say" Lets pray for Jesus to come back."

I look forward to waking up everyday to spend time with Jesus
I look forward to another chance to figure out love, life, and how I can grow deeper with Christ.
Lately I've been struggling alot with the voice of God, what I should do and where I should go..
And I'd like to know these things ya know?
I look forward to the future and honestly I'm not really ready for Christ to come back.
I would like to grow more without seeing Him..

Now, I know you think this is crazy
but I'm starting to realize the beauty of not seeing Christ and walking by faith
verse 7 walk by faith not by sight
I love the fact that Jesus is everywhere and I cant see Him
and its up to me to realize this..
thats the beauty of being alive
maybe one day I'll look forward to Homeward bound

I don't think its wrong to not desire to die and go to heaven
I'm praying about it.

Really quick on prayer
I don't pray that much..
I pray pretty much all day
but I never really have a serious convo
I think the more open we are with Christ and tell Him whats really going on
healing can really begin.

I just felt like writing

love you

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