Saturday, July 31, 2010


I havent had a girlfriend since the 11th grade!!!!!
I mean Ive been on dates but nothing worked out.
I was pondering this thought on my way home from Volleyball tonight!

I have been talking to alot of people about relationships and marriages and I realize the ever more importance to wait.
I look back on my past of dating around and realize how dumb it was, but at the same time very rewarding, only in the sense I know more of what I want then ever.
But I feel some people rush love..
I look at the peoples relationships who talk to me about their problems and they all say the same thing, I should have waited.
How insecure do you have to be to have someone right now?
I think its a empty feeling that you wont let God heal.
It was my problem for the longest time.
I have saved apart of myself to give away to a lady when really I should have given my whole self to God.
God is love and all good works out for those according to his purpose.
I write to those who read this blog.
Enjoy waiting.
Dont play around.
Be honest.

now that Im past that.
Ive been thinking about things I really like
and Here is a list.
I want my wife , or if I never have one, to have a friend who looks past my crooked teeth and love handles and enjoys me for these qualitys: These are things I like, and enjoy.

1. foam soap
2. Pauly shore
3. glasses( on other people)
4. facial hair
5. long hair
6. laughing
7. star gazing
8. elizabethtown
9.a good acoustic tune
10. writing
11. playing guitar
12. singing
13. windows down
14. cowboy boots
15. cereal
16.water, no soda
17. hugs
18. hand holding
19. braclets
20. strangers, but I love people so it shouldnt make the list, its who i am.
21. books.
22. coffee
23. skateboarding
24. dryer sheets
25. fresh smells
26. dogs!!!!
27. running
28. working out
29. playing outside..... alot
30. hiking
31. to just relax.

enough with the list.
I found I really enjoy chilling out.
Laying in my floor listening to music that makes you feel inspired.
I love breakfast.
I overthink and think to deep.
Jesus is my first love and best friend, I often treat Him like crap but I do desire to know Him more.
At the end of the day I pray about all my choices.
Favorite 2 verses
john 15:16
1 john 3:23
I also can love anyone, but not just anyone can love me.
I dont get moody, just think alot.
My mind is always moving.

I just felt like writing a blog.

odds of being alone-Trent Dabbs

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