Saturday, March 13, 2010

In my fathers footsteps.

There is something beautiful and resting, or connecting about being back at home.

Now, this is a weird statement coming from me, seeing how I've never really felt at home anywhere.

Millport, Alabama is this redneck hick town that no one would expect me to come from... and I kind of love it.

Today my father and I went to Sprulls auto shop and had my truck worked on.
My dad is a very wonderful man, very stand up guy.
Known by many people and is pretty sociable.
Hard worker and is an amazing Bs'er.
Now, BS means bull crap, no need for cuss words cause I do have an education.
When we get to this auto shop, I meet 2 other men.
Danny and Ricky.
Both uber redneck but great guys.
My father and Danny are friends so the first thing they do is shoot the BS
Now, my day is a pro bull shooter, one second its " Hey, how are you?"
then its " I dont think these turkeys know weather to mate or go back into hibernation."
He makes this great small talk with this man.
and they find common ground.

I myself like my father am the same way.
I find this random bull to shoot and go for it.
Because I want to find common ground with men.
Now, weather you want to admit this or not.....
All men want to fall in love.
All men long for the touch of a woman ( or man, but thats another blog)
All men want to rule and have authority.

I started talking to Danny about his marriage which lead me to tell him about the love of my life.
He has 5 kids and one on the way.
He told me how hard it is sometimes and like a man, I want to find common ground to keep this bull shooting going..
Now, I'm not married but I can relate...
I have a room mate and I serve a God that desires to know me..
That I know if I want this relationship to work, it takes work.
It takes one bending to the other, and as a man, I'm prideful and hate the idea of bending my shoulder to any why-hoo.
But I was able to lay this pride down and let God bend my heart and be able to accept love from Him.
I go on to tell him how Jesus desires us and we don't so much with Him.
In John 15:16 he says " For I chose you, even when you didnt choose Me."
That He really wants to know us
in the verse john 15:7 " Abide in Me and I'll abide in you."
So he wants us to draw close to Him, yet we don't want to bend our shoulders or our hearts cause with this God there is no common ground........

Now that is very untrue...

He made us and He knows us.

He even says we are His first fruits.
We are His best and favorite creation
He wants to walk, speak, love, and give us life, more then just breath in our nostrils.
He wants to give us purpose, plan, and allow us to walk in light so we wont stumble in the dark.
He came into the world, not to condemn but to bring light, but people would rather trip in the darkness then to walk with eyes open and ready to see-John
Our common ground with God is authority.

He says " I am the way the truth and the life."
He clams "I am Light"
"I am bread"
and we disagree and decide not to bend our shoulders, so we shoot bull with God, but God isnt so good at it, He knows our hearts, He says "worship Me in honesty and truth"
And after all there is only so much Bull to be shot.

Our common ground with God is also love.
God is love
and in Him we have a lighted path and love that a naked woman( or man) could satisfy.
His love is a living water that never makes us thirst again-John 4
His love satisfies
the other kind is temporary and leaves us going back trying to find more.
God's love is one to stick with.

Today I walked in the steps of both my fathers..
and it was fulfilling.

I long to have the knowledge of how to work on trucks and other manly things so I can always have common ground with other men.
Jesus Christ was man, and that is the most important common ground.
He understands.

Now weather you believe or not, I dont know.
But I do care and I do respect you.
This is my blog and it will consist or things like this.
I love you and I hope you enjoy my thoughts and read them with open minds and hearts, as simpley just an encouragement, not me forcing beliefs.
From my heart to yours.
This is who I am and what I'm about.
Have an amazing day!


Points: Common ground
God is authority
God is love
and then there is Jesus.
We all want common ground, and thats how we relate.

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