Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jesus and Nicodemus

So this is my first blog
I'm not really worried about first impressions
judgmental thoughts
or rude comments.
This is where I will go to share my thoughts and express my heart.
This is where..... I'll write in words..... my heart.

There is this book I read called the Bible.
It is like no other book.
In this book there is this man.
He came into the world as a light not to condemn but to bring life.
But people would rather walk, I would rather walk, in the darkness and stumble, then to walk smoothly with the hand of life interlaced in mine.

In John 3 Jesus meets with Nicodemus
in John 3 Jesus meets with me....

Nicodemus is this wise Pharisee teacher
full of knowledge and knowing
but lacking belief

The more I read the more I realized I relate to this Nicodemus dude
Jesus asks him " Are you a teacher of Israel and don't know these things?"
That He has proven Himself through many events who He is.
And still there is no belief

Jesus has showed Himself to me in many ways
making Himself known to me
very evident
and yet I fail to believe.
My heart is un-responsive.

The one who believes in the Son has eternal life-36
Im sick of only having eternal life on certain days
Im ready to believe everyday.
Jesus is love of my life
I want to want Jesus

I'm tired or being stone hearted
it is my biggest secret sometimes.
I'm tired of people not caring to know Christ through attitudes
like these
like mine

I dont feel like furthering these thoughts.

Welcome to my page.
Its only going to hold truth and honesty.

Love yall

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