Monday, March 22, 2010

Sow your dreams.

I think dreams die when we stop having the heart to believe in them and we start accepting okay satisfaction.

It starts with saying " Okay, its no big deal, I'll just do this.."
Its starts and doesn't stop.

I have this friend who wants to be an artist.
She paints with desire, passion, and love. Even zeal, in the pursuit of happiness.
The brush strokes of her brush and the movement of her coal pencil is a way to express her worship to the God she's in love with.

No one,not her mother, friends, school,or anything it seems, helps her move in the positive direction of becoming this fine artist.
The kind of fine artist that moves hearts like your and mine.
The kind that brings color to this black and white world.
She is the blue, green, red, and yellow or our time, if this passion and dream stops, then we are back to black and white.
I along with many other fine people have decided to stand up straight beside this wonderful young lady Picasso and fuel her fire of art. This is what it takes.
A blank canvas, inspiration, and people who ...believe.

I will never ever settle for this black and white colored life.
I have a dream and a passion.
Here what they are....
1. To love everyone I can while there is breath in these lungs.
2. With this air in my lungs, I want to speak of life and goodness. 2 things that go hand and hand.
3. To travel and see what Millport Alabama could never show me.
4. Write songs that don't stress me out and relieves others of their stress.
5. To be married and adopt a child, and make family to him or her, the most beautiful thing that will stick with them for life.
6. Finally, discover more of God and live a life completely pleasing to Him, because I am fulfilled and joyful knowing that through Him things are made possible.

I tend to live out these dreams and desires by surrounding myself with people that have a vision... small or big... They are the ones that can relate to the way my heart feels.
I plan on reading books that move me in such a way that I write a book.

I plan on listening to music that sways my hips for me and fills me with a spirit of goodness.

I plan on listening.
I mean really listening to what people have to say.
Like the times there eyes are glossy looking and you know that them speaking this will change life.

I plan on setting goals, small to big, and accomplishing them.

I have been really re-cindering life.
Why am I in school?
College has been so amazing to me, but only because the people are amazing.
Being away from home and discovering thoughts of others has been amazing but, I mean academic wise.
What is the point of going to school, spending tons of cash, only for me to fail classes and to not learn.
I learn when I'm on my time and when I have the desire to learn something, I do.
I go to barnes and noble and read it.
But I do desire to be better at school.
I do want to do better.
So I'm reading a book on reading comprehension, I feel that would help.
I think sometimes desiring, having a passion, and dreaming comes from something you don't want to do, but in the end by doing it, your knowledge, desire, and passion of dreaming is expanded.
Thats why its necessary for us to go through change and seasons of growth( the good and the bad)
I recently went to North Carolina and realized that there are so many beautiful places that my feet have never touched, and there are bodies of people I have yet to embrace in my arms and share life with them , and they share life with me.
I recently realized that dating is not for me .... right now.
I want to do many things, and learning about who Cameron Moore is, is a solo job, so I can better myself for someone that will love me. Weather their is a woman to do that or not, I don't know, but before I date just any ole gal, I need to know Cameron is taken care of, so I can better take care of the ole gal.
I want to spend time with God and name the animals.
For every girls heart I broke, I'm sorry, but know I am acknowledgeable of this, and I promise you deserve someone better, so smile and move on, and get over it. You are young, I'm not our lifemate. Figure out who you are and enjoy being by yourself so you can later enjoy being yourself around someone.
It all comes full circle.
I'm doing the same.

I can do what I put my mind to, but I can live out what I put my heart out into.
Things are possible for me.
And they are for you.
I walk in the light of God who promises guidance on my stumbling feet, this is for you and I.

So, I want to encourage you to dream!!
To desire something and go for it.
Something of worth.
Something that you can look back on and feel fulfilled, not satisfied, but fulfilled!
I want you to pursue your hearts desires.
To not surrounded yourself with negative people and their crap vibe.
To be around people who want to see you grow in the things you love. Not drugs or sex or anything of that degrading when taken out of content.

Life is a hand stretch away, reach out and grab it.
Don't be afraid
Don't worry

Trust, live, see, and be.

I love you and hope with all my heart that these words are not of Cameron Moore, but of something greater and it truly touch's your heart and mind to just simple...

Move and start your accomplishment.

I plant my dreams
and I attend to sow them.

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