Friday, March 18, 2011

I will worship You...

Its not that I should be lonely

Its not that I shouldn't feel unloved

Its not that I should feel like I need the flesh of a woman

Its that I SHOULD be so satisfied with the love God has for me.
We we draw close He draws so close. Draw near to me, and I'll draw near to you James 4:8
He wants to be so near...
and its in His presence that healing
new life
is found.

Its in His word that plants in our hearts to spring us and make us what beauty we are.

How have I looked over this?
How have I looked over that I was made... MADE to worship?
God wants us to worship Him because He loves our voice... He just .. loves.

May I be drenched in the love of Christ.

For lent I have decided for 30 days to listen to nothing but worship music.

It is moving.
It is bringing me to a place of deep repentance.
To a place of just ... wholeness.
And healing.

Jesus loves us.
carries the weight of my sin and yours and the whole world.
Can we love Him as He loves us.
That is what I will strive for.

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