Saturday, December 4, 2010

Its easy to dwell.

You know..
Its easy to dwell on the bad.
And then in the good times, you float on and forget.
We all expect good, but never bad.
So this blog is gonna be about praise.
Praise that Gods love never fails.

I moved to Louisiana in August and will be returning to Starkville in January.
My time here was not in vain.
I learned to love a family.
I learned that running from your calling in life is not pleasant.
I learned that friends are truly important and you shouldnt walk through this world alone..
I learned that I was called to plant churchs.
That my passion moves fast and stays shortly.. and then it needs to move.
I was born to travel.
so, on I will travel.

I have no idea what Columbus has to offer me.
But I know its a desert place that needs the love of Christ.
And I have a passion for that place now and look forward to spreading the love of Christ.
Its gonna be tough but I know fulfilling.

God is faithful.
He hears our crys. Exodus 3.
My plan is to live out Psalm 100:3
Look that up :)

Im on journey to answer "Who do you say I am?"
Im gonna know, and I do know.
God's nature is love.
And we should and I should believe this.

All Glory honor and praise be to the everlasting and Holy God that gives us numerous chances in this life and to succeed.

Its easy to dwell on the bad, but today I'll linger in the grace of God.

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