Sunday, December 19, 2010

Open your eyes dear.


It can be such a powerful act to embrace.
It can reflect and look back, only to get dust from your past in your eye
or you can reflect momentarily on what is going on, send it a kiss, and move on.

Alot of us are stuck on what is pulling us down.
The bad boyfriend or girlfriend
the trust issues
the thought of you never falling in love
the ideas that your ideas will always be ideas.... never reality.
Dreams become factory jobs.
True love becomes giving your body to some loser who doesnt understand what it means.

Then you sit.
Sit in a puddle of sadness.
Ive sat there plenty of times, and then your afraid to try again.
Your afraid to do something different. something new. afraid to embrace the new person youve always wanted to be.

that was me.
But ive never had a boyfriend nor will I ever have one, not my style, or anything for that fact.

" Take courage, son; your sins are forgiven." Matthew 9:2

And that is that.

Yes, I will take my courage, and I will try again.
Only we can allow ourselves to fail. God wants more out of me and you.
He wants us to succeed.
For me that means being broke, happily in love, and changing lives for the love of Christ Jesus, and figuring out just what the eff am I doing here.
which is to glorify God.
Im here to love and be Loved.

Ive learned alot about myself.
Im not afraid to go.
I can be anywhere and meet anyone.
I can be happy and sad.
I long for the presence of a woman.
I confuse myself.

Ive recently took a step back and looked at everything.
I need the presence of God, only that, then good company.
No need to lie to myself and say I need a cute woman.
Even though the newest one Im hanging out with is going to be a doctor...
but am I being true to myself.
I want my difficulty to meet simplicity.
I want to lay in the floor with the tops of our heads touching , and we both wiggling our feet while we ponder on our newest thought of the marvel of God.
Ive been learning to Just Believe.
The importance of the word.
Im just now getting my hunger back for the Lord.
and it comes.... fom the courage we talked about earlier.

For anyone who reads this, if anyone does anymore,
I encourage to rediscover you.
What do you like about yourself.
Because Jesus loves everything about you.
Your awkward love handles, or freckles, or jacked up teeth.
He digs it.

Now if you are over weight, please run, it will just make you feel better, and try and be healthier ... it just makes sense :) sorry for that ha

God is not ticked at you.
God is greater than your heart and emotions.

Learn to let go.

Im learning to be honest.
honest enough that I need to let some things go...

smile .

I didnt feel like proof reading, comment if anything seems unbalanced

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