Friday, December 24, 2010

What it was like without you here...

Do you ever have those real life moments?
Like the kind where it seems you observe more than usual.
I had one tonight.
I was siting at the living room table eating my taco soup and I looked at my grandfather and I could tell he has gotten weaker. In his voice, face, hands, you could see life was just being drained.
I then looked at my little cousin , and she is now 2.
It just seems we all are growing up and getting old.
And honestly its something we dont give much thought too..

Now, I know you know, that everyone gets old, duh, but do you realize it?
Do you realize that probably looking back on your life you have wasted some of it?
Like worrying..
What good did that do?
Why did it matter if this person was my friend or not?
Why did I break this girls heart ?
and it that moment it seems to be the biggest deal... when the truth is ... next year .. month... or day... It doesn't mean a thing.

I have wasted tooooo much of my life on what does not matter.
Like worrying about if people like me, or if they are mad...
can I say screw that ?
Yeah, I can.
Screw that.

People, lets you and I slow down.
Lets say screw it.
I think its healthy.
What matters today is that God is good , in Him is the spirit, and through the spirit are sooooo many sweet gifts.
One of those are peace.
Im on a journey to find it.
I encourage you to do the same.
I read in Col 1 today, wait I think its 1, anywho.
In God, everything holds together.
Everything is sustained by God.
Im not wasting anymore time on the unsustainable.
God should be my one desire.
I'll encourage He'll be yours as well.

Merry Christmas.
I didn't proof read this :)
Hope it makes since. or is it sense.
I think sense.

I'm going to be an english major ha.

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