Friday, April 29, 2011

It don't matter how or why.

Summer is officially here.
Yes, it is a good time to have fun and relax..
but for me it will be a time of healing.

This semester was a season of disconnect.
From God
from people
from cameron..

I have roughly 22 days before I head off to camp...
where I will pour out everything I have ...
and if I have nothing then I won't be able to pour..

I will take time for myself.
days of reading.
soul searching...

I need answers to my heart.
apart from ministry , who am I ?
apart from loving people, who am I?
what drives cameron moore..
what ruins cameron moore...

I need a new heart.
I need Gods heart.
You see, James 4 tells me , my heart is selfish..
hard , and self to even the core...

I need the Jealous love of God.
the undivided heart.
the one that is fully devoted to Christ.

this summer for me..
means the rest of my life.
I'm searching for heart change.

The sooner the better.....

Until next time.

do you know the core of you?
do you know what drives you?
is it selfish gain?
is it bitterness?
is there to much "you" in the picture?
do you .. know who you are ?

think on that

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